25″ Boya Rescate


Boya hydrodinámica de material suave. Es ideal para rescate porque evita posibles golpes al rescatar. Lleva 5 asas laterales y 1 correa de remolque. Opción de boya 20″ para nado en mar abierto en $50

Lenght    :  25″

Width    :  8″

Thickness    :  4″

Volume    :  16 L

Weight    :  0,9 kg

Code    :  R25B

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  • Dual Aluminium Stringer (DAS): lighter and Stronger than any other knownreinforcement (Patented)
  • High Tech Soft construction that doesn’t delamine (Patented)
  • Covered with Vinyl: one of the most resistant materials on the market (Patented)
  • Air leak: Goretex Microfiber vent that equalize pressure between vinyl and foam.
  • Sealed cell foam that doesn’t absorb water
  • Much less polluting than traditional epoxy paddle boards