FAQ / Care



Use the Sunset padded-edge cover for transporting or storing your board, thus protecting it and avoiding denting or tearing the vinyl cover.

Place the Sunset cover with the padded edges facing up so that the tightening of the straps does not dent the edges of the board when you carry it on the car roof.


1. Remove the fins from its packing and insert them in the corresponding holes, note that Fins can be Center, Right (R) or Left. (L) and aren´t interchangeable.
2. Tighten screws with a coin or a Sunset key, using the same screws that are placed in the holes, avoid mixing them because fin’s screws have different sizes. After two surfing sessions, tighten the screws that hold the fins and leash.




After some time, adjust periodically; if screws do not tighten properly, cut one or two screw threads with a knife for a better fit.

Re-tighten the screws
It is recommended that after 6 hours of use, tighten the screws that secure the fins ans cup leash with a coin or
the Sunset key. The FCS or Futures system fins are adjusted with the Allen key. Check and adjust this setting again after 1 month of use.





Sunset racks Wide straps belts protect edges and fasten boards to car roof with or without grill rack

Protects the edges
If you are going to transporting your board on the roof of the car and do not have the Sunset cover, as an emergency place 4 protectors under the straps belts to avoid denting the edges of the board when tightening the straps. Always use the Sunset padded cover.

Cleaning your board…
Leave it under the sun until the wax melts and then peel it off with a comb or wax removal device to make the job even easier. Once it’s clean use a rag and a small amount of spot remover to clean any remaining particles. Clean the board’s bottom and rails with a spot remover as well. Your Suntech will look brand new!
Note never use thinner or other solvents




1. What size board do you need to start surfing?

There are various sizes and models to choose from. To start, you must take into account the weight of the surfer, followed by their skill and experience, and lastly what type of wave you want to surf. For example, if a surfer weighs between 70-80kg and is just starting, the Machu Picchu model would be an ideal board for them. But if a surfer weighs the same yet is experienced, the Chaman Ridder model could be better for them.

2. Why should you choose a Sunset board when you start surfing?

All Sunset boards are high quality surfboards, that are safer and friendlier to ride than most surfboard models. In addition, they have a double central aluminum core with epoxy resin, giving the boards extra resistance, and also makes the board lighter. Lastly, we have over 35 years of experience, and we take pride in our commitment to our clients. We provide our customers with top service both before and after they purchase one of our boards.

3. If already surf, what model board is best for me?

Our Ghost model is the answer! Specially designed for Beach Breaks or “Barrels”, Ghost boards are your best option in terms of performance, resistance and fun. There is no longer an excuse to back down!

4. I’ve heard that boards can fill with water, It is true?

No, this will not happen, our Vinyl lining is sealed very tight and the openings for where you insert the fins and leash are sealed with rubber rings making it very difficult for water to get inside the board. In the rare case that your board does become waterlogged due to a puncture in the foam, we created a small lid you can unscrew to drain out the water.

5. Sometimes I feel like there is an air bubble under the vinyl, is this normal?

This happens because the board covers are not laminated/glued to the foam board, and heat can cause the internal air to expand a little, but it will return back to normal by simply putting the board in the shade. The boards’ Gorotex valve allows for the board to breathe better, you can do this by just unscrewing the draining screw.

6. I already bought my sunset board, and feel like I am surfing better and better each time I paddle out. How can I improve my surf performance even more?

First, you can buy a set of semi-rigid PRO fins to help improve your grip and your maneuvers. Then you can contact us here at Sunset and we can recommend what would be the next ideal board for you.

7. I see that they have a grip called “waxless” that sticks to the board, so that you don’t have to use surf wax. Do you recommend using this grip?

It is a good alternative, because it is a soft coating that sticks to the face of the board (the deck) and the grip works perfectly instead of wax. It also has a few pluses- it does not contaminate the ocean, it doesn’t stick to your clothes or the seats of your car, it keeps your board looking clean, it’s soft to the touch, and lastly, it has a great grip, lasts for years and saves you wax!

8. As an advanced surfer, should I choose a Liquid Shredder or a Sunset Board?

Liquid Shredder School Boards are specifically made for surf schools; these boards are super stable, and they float more than Sunset Boards. If you are going to start from “scratch” we recommend you buy one of these boards and take classes with a good surf school. Once you get comfortable surfing, then we recommend you buy yourself a Sunset board of the model that best fits you. With a Sunset board you can surf more serious waves while staying safe and having fun.

9. What is the difference between a fiber board and a Sunset board?

Fiber boards are for surfers who have several years of experience. These boards are thinner on their edges and float less than a soft board, making it more physically demanding. Fiber boards can also more dangerous because they have a hard surface. This does not mean that experienced surfers do not use Sunset boards; in fact almost all highly experienced surfers all over the world have an advanced soft board in their quiver to use when the waves are small. Our Ghost model is a perfect example of an advanced soft board you can use to get barreled in shore breaks.